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Permeability map of Treviso province jpg version, original scale 1:100000
Vulnerability map of Treviso province jpg version, original scale 1:100000
Piezometric map of Treviso province jpg version, original scale 1: 50000
Hydrogeologic map of Valmareno (Follina-Cison, TV) jpg version, original scale 1:25000
Hydrogeologic map of M. Grappa and Cesen (Veneto region) jpg version, original scale 1:50000


Groundwater potential of Sierra Leone, hydrogeological mapping and preliminary aquifer parameter evaluation a set of comprehensive hydrogeological maps at 1:500000 scale with a preliminary water balance (english text)
Simple procedures for the calculation of influence radius and well head protection areas a selection of methods both analytical and numeric for the evaluation of ground water protection zones (english text)
Artificial drainage in engineering works evaluation of discharge entering an excavation pit from the surrounding aquifer
Correcting ground water level data for barometric pressure fluctuation evaluation of aquifer parameters using water level transducers, with case histories (english text)
Piezometric maps how to assess and interpret a potentiometric map
Ground water resources evaluation this article written with dr Luigi Zoppis describes simple field methods to evaluate gw potential and recharge factors affecting aquifers (overseas case histories)
Drilling and filtering water wells this article written with eng. Antonio Chiusano describes the main procedures to choose for a water well completion and filter size determination
The step dradown test theory and practice of the SDT and well efficiency
The pumping test theory and practice of a pumping test used to determine safe yield and main hydrogeological parameters (various examples in steady and unsteady state, for confined, unconfined and leaky aquifers)
Some simple problems encountered in water well design partly derived and translated from an article of A. Van Wyk, describes the main problems and roles of professionals involved in water well design and drilling
Flow net analysis theory and practice of the graphical method used in the study of ground water flow in simple isotropic media
Ground water, climate and speleology how different approches helped us to understand the evolution of earth climate during last 700000 years


more than 500 slides from the course at the Dept. of Geological Sciences of Trieste University
0_Content.pdf                                                           12 Mb
1_Introduction.pdf                                3 Mb
2_Ground_water_and_environment.pdf                            0,4 Mb
3_Instrumentation.pdf 2 Mb
4_The_hydrogeological_cycle_resources_and_reserves.pdf 0,4 Mb
5_Aquifer_hydraulic_properties.pdf 1 Mb
6_Groundwater_levels.pdf 0,5 Mb
7A_Drilling_techniques.pdf 7 Mb
7B_Well_completion.pdf 3 Mb
7C_Filters_and_casings.pdf 0,5 Mb
8_Fractured_aquifers.pdf 3,5 Mb
9_Spring_catchment.pdf 4,5 Mb
10A_Field_tests_K_tests.pdf 2,7 Mb
10B_Pumping_tests.pdf 1 Mb
10C_Step_drawdown_tests.pdf 0,4 Mb
11_Aquifer_vulnerability.pdf 0,1 Mb
12_Aquifer_pollution.pdf 0,2 Mb
13_Ground_water_protection_zones.pdf 0,5 Mb
14_Ground_water_tracing.pdf 1 Mb
lessons from training courses taught between 2016 and 2019 in Freetown, Hamman, Port Sudan and Padova under different projects (HydroNova Ltd) english text (download full course, zip file 41Mb)
15_GW_general_overview.pdf 3,2 Mb
16_GW_basic.pdf 14,1 Mb
17_WW_design.pdf 11,3 Mb
18_WW_completion.pdf 2,3 Mb
19_screen_filters.pdf 5,7 Mb
20_aquifer_monitoring.pdf 4,2 Mb
21_geochemistry_exercise.pdf 1,9 Mb
22_aquifer_tests.pdf 5,1 Mb
23_course_examples_Arbaat_well_field.pdf 4,6 Mb