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download a few examples of projects carried out in Italy and abroad


ITALY (download the following project summaries in english)



Shortcuts and analytical solutions in aquifer tests, job n. 364-368 Geocorsi srl, Chieti
Ground water capture zone delineation (methods comparison on alluvial river aquifer), job n. 362 ATS, Montebelluna
Aquifer rehabilitation on an abandoned industrial area, job n. 338 Coveol srl, Treviso
Geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations for water pipe stabilisation and slope reinforcement, job n. 361 ATS, Montebelluna
Hydrogeological investigations for a karst spring (catchment area and g.w. protection zones assesment), job n. 355 ATS, Montebelluna
Hydrogeological investigations and monitoring for aquifer rehabilitation (Trento city), job n. 336 Dept. of Justice
Hydrogeological and 3D laserscanner survey of Castel Tesino Cave (Trento), job n. 339 Council of Trento
Hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations for water pipe and rock wall rehabilitation (Treviso), job n. 329 ATS, Monebelluna
Hydrogeological assesment of the fractured aquifer in the north western part of Treviso province, job n. 320  ATS, Montebelluna
Kater II, Karst aquifer of Veneto region, job n. 302 (italian text) Regione Veneto, Venezia
2D ground water model of a water table aquifer around a sand quarry, Ferrara, job n. 303 (italian text) Verginese srl, Treviso
Professor of Applied Hydrogeology at Trieste University, job n. 325 UniversitÓ di Trieste
Risk analysis and rehabilitation project for three urban wastes sites, Treviso, job n. 295 (italian text) Consorzio Rifiuti di Treviso
A reconnaisance study of industrial waste sites on Treviso province, job n. 238  (italian text) Provincia di Treviso
Rehabilitation of  a karst aquifer polluted by a gasoline spill, Colle del Montello, Treviso, job n. 208 Min. Difesa, Prov. di Treviso, Comune di Giavera, TV
Hydrogeological basin reconstruction of Tegorzo and Fium springs, Belluno, job n. 230-231 (italian text) Consorzo Acq. Schievenin, Montebelluna
Dewatering design for an archeological site, Galla Placidia - S. Vitale churches, Ravenna, job n. 200  (italian text) Varisco Pompe, Padova

OVERSEAS (download the following project summaries in english)



Namibia: Caving explorations and and groundwater researches in Otavi Mountainland, see project summary n. 354 Namgrows
Algeria: feasability study for flood prevention along Mekerra river basin, west of country, see project summary 8 CEE, Safege, PMO Bruxelles
Algeria: feasability study for submarine spring exploitation along mediterranean coast between Tunisia and Morocco, see project summary 7 CEE, Safege, PMO Bruxelles
Mali: 2D aquifer numerical model of the Dogon plateau, see project summary 6 Caritas, Svizzera, Lucerna
Thailand: Hydrogeological and geophysical investigation for 9 provincial towns, see project summary n. 5 Lotti spa, Rome
Sudan: Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations in Darfur and Dongola states, see project summary 4 Montedison, Milano; Geoexpert, Trento
Liberia: Rural water supply along the atlantic coast, see project summary 3 CEE
Lybia: Hydrogeological investigations of the karst aquifer along the coast of Cyrenaica. Uranium prospecting in the Kufra desert see project summary 2 Hydrogeo spa, Pisa, CRG, Firenze
Nigeria: Ground water supply project in NES, see project summary 1 CRG, Firenze
Algeria: Geotechnical and geological investigation for a railway project, see project summary 1 LNTPB, Alger