consulting geologist


More than 25 years of experience in the field of groundwater resources evaluation and exploitation. Since 1987 we organize also field trips and training of personnel in the following fields: hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, G.I.S., geotechnics.

Ground water researches and aquifer evaluation in porous, fractured and karst aquifers

Geological assistance and pumping tests on the coastal area of Cireanica (Libya)

Risk analysis, site assesment, remediation projects for polluted aquifers and soils

Dewatering works and rehabilitation of a karst aquifer polluted by a gasoline spill of 1400 ton (Veneto)

Aquifers dewatering projects for geotechnical engineering

Pumping tests and 3D numerical model assesment for a semiconfined aquifer in the archeological site of Galla Placidia, Ravenna

G.I.S. and geological databases

Vulnerability map of the surficial aquifer in the Val Belluna area (Veneto)

Preliminary topographic surveys, on surface and underwater

Survey of Oliero karst spring (Veneto)

Vertical electrical surveys for aquifer geometry reconstruction

VES spreading on alluvial plain in Thailand, for water researches

Automatic monitoring with datalogger of various hydrogeological and chemical parameters; optical tracer tests in karst aquifers

Recording of main parameters during a flood in a karst spring (Veneto)

Pumping and porosity tests for hydrogeological parameter estimation (trasmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, flow velocity etc.)

Pumping test in alluvial aquifer for ground water protection zone determination (Veneto)

Channel and discharge measurement with current meters

Spring hydrograph determination by digital current meter